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in Manhattan". Emblazoned with the words United States of America, the American flag, and the Seal of the President of the United States, it is an undeniable presence wherever it flies. 16 In the audio commentary, Wolfgang Petersen mused that although the real plane did not have those features at the time of the filming, they would probably be added by future governments. Secret Service Agent Johnson Dan Shor as Notre Dame Aide Philip Baker Hall.S. "Victorious Donald Trump walks out to Air Force One movie soundtrack as he's elected US president".

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Retrieved October 5, 2010. Marshall and Gibbs fight for control of the transfer line, and Marshall manages to grab and detach it at the last second. "Harrison Ford has a fan in Trump". Production edit A large part of the crew took a tour of the real Air Force One before filming. The first hostage to die when the terrorists demand Radek's release. Two-term former Governor of Iowa (in the novel). " Air Force One : On the Real Thing, No Pods and No Parachutes". Korshunov, believing that only a Secret Service agent is in the cargo hold, contacts Bennett and demands Radek's release, threatening to kill a hostage every half hour. Retrieved August 12, 2012. Preston as usaf Major General : Having been President Marshall's Commanding Officer during the Vietnam War, he is the first to anticipate that Marshall is battling the hijackers. Marshall is also a decorated Vietnam veteran and a Medal of Honor recipient, speaks reasonably fluent Russian.

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